As a Harvard MS/MBA student, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from many different members of the the HBS and SEAS faculties. In addition to being the leading thinkers in their fields, many of our professors are successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and practitioners. Four of the program’s core courses—the Engineering, Design & Innovation Management Seminar; Technology Venture Immersion; Integrated Design; and the Capstone Course—will be jointly taught by the following MS/MBA Program core faculty members from SEAS and HBS, among others.

Rob Howe

MS/MBA Program faculty co-chair; Abbott and James Lawrence Professor of Engineering at SEAS; Director, Harvard Biorobotics Lab; cofounder, RightHand Robotics

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Tom Eisenmann

MS/MBA Program faculty co-chair; Howard H. Stevenson Professor of Business Administration at HBS; faculty co-chair, HBS Rock Center for Entrepreneurship; faculty chair, HBS California Research Center.

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Beth Altringer

MS/MBA Program core faculty; Founder-Director, Desirability Lab; Senior Preceptor on Innovation and Design at SEAS & the GSD; founding team/Chief Design Research Officer, Piaggio Fast Forward; founder, Flavor Genome Project and ai-kitchen

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Alan MacCormack

MS/MBA Program core faculty; MBA Class of 1949 Adjunct Professor of Business Administration at HBS; cofounder, Silverthread

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Conor Walsh

MS/MBA core faculty; Gordon McKay Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences at SEAS; founder, Harvard Biodesign Lab

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