Dr. Son Preminger

President, Founder, & CPO of Intendu

“You can come out with a field that you know better than anyone else in the world, whether it’s through your thesis or a project that you’re doing, and at the same time you have the skills to find what kind of problems you can solve and how, and how to go into the market.”

After experiencing the post-rehabilition treatment of brain trauma patients first hand with her own father, Dr. Preminger decided to apply her multidisciplinary background to a solution. From there, Intendu was born.

“In general, people are deteriorating at home. People need to pay a lot of money to come to you. It’s a very labor-intensive process and the healthcare system basically kicks people out. So I decided I wanted to do something about it.”

Intendu jumps in where traditional healthcare drops off, applying a mix of cutting-edge science, technology, and gamification to help patients with brain dysfunction improve cognitive ability.

“We created a platform of video games that are designed specifically for brain training. They provide realistic experiences that involve cognitive challenges. The challenges train people to improve their skills. The games involve also body motion for a holistic experience, which is realistic and they’re adaptive.”

While her PhD in neuroscience provided the necessary background to understand the complex science of brain elasticity, her Harvard MBA training was instrumental in the creation of the company itself. By her own admission, such an ambitious undertaking may not have possible without it.

“You learn everything you need to know [in the MBA program]. It’s very powerful. To someone that wanted to start a company, it really helped me. We are thinking as executives. We are thinking about business, about marketing. I don’t think I would’ve been able to start a company without that.”

As someone who uses her diverse educational background nearly every day—someone who built a company with it—Dr. Preminger sees the full value of a program that intertwines business and technology science.

“People sometimes start from the [understanding the business] problem, and sometimes [people] start from a deep understanding of technology—to create a company you need to have both. Business and technology. And also a very serious problem that you’re solving.”